“Ghumman Petroleum” is a special project designed for a client who runs a big gas station business. This project helps them manage things smoothly. They supply petrol and diesel to lots of customers at their filling stations.

The project is like a customized toolkit with different parts that can be adjusted based on what the client needs. In the Fuel Management part, the owner can easily set prices for petrol and diesel hourly, daily, or weekly. There’s also a Reports section where they can see details of past orders, and the admin can export this information.

To make things even easier, there’s a search feature that helps find specific information quickly. The project also supports multiple languages for diverse users. The Customer Management part lets the owner see customer details and keep track of money transactions in the background. There are special search features here too, so finding customers is a breeze. Admins can create reports, print them, and share them with clients, making communication clear and straightforward.

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