The UX/UI design focuses on facilitating a seamless experience for a Fast Food Order Placing Mobile Application. The UI architecture encompasses multiple screens, commencing with the primary login screen for administrative access. Following this, users can navigate through a selection process, choosing between individual restaurant and food court moods. A distinct screen is dedicated to the Food Court mood, allowing users to pinpoint their desired location. The main home screen unfolds with two prominent options, ‘Dine’ and ‘Take Away.’ Upon choosing either option, the subsequent screen unveils enticing hot deals and various categories. Clicking on any category directs users to a meticulously designed screen showcasing the corresponding products along with their respective addons.

As users progress through the application, a thoughtful implementation ensures that, upon request for additional addons, a dedicated screen materializes. Subsequently, the cart screen surfaces, providing a comprehensive overview of the selected items. For users opting for the ‘Dine’ option at the onset, a final screen materializes, facilitating the process of serving at the table. In essence, the UX/UI design meticulously guides users through an intuitive journey, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient experience in navigating the Fast Food Order Placing Mobile Application.

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