This Android-based tablet application serves as a comprehensive UX/UI project designed for cashiers to efficiently manage and process customer orders within the fast-food industry, encompassing items such as burgers and shawarmas. The application features a user-friendly interface with a prominent category section serving as the home page, where products are organized and displayed within their respective categories. Additionally, the application includes dedicated sections for special deals and discounted offers, providing an enhanced shopping experience.

A distinct segment is allocated for managing the company’s suppliers, showcasing different price differentials among suppliers and presenting their respective statistics. The application further incorporates a designated section for invoices, ensuring organized record-keeping. A specialized area for the generation of receipts upon order placement is also implemented, seamlessly integrating with a printer section.

To facilitate transparent and traceable transactions, the application incorporates a section detailing payment methods used for each order, identified by their unique order ID. Moreover, a comprehensive section is dedicated to the process of refunds, offering a systematic approach to handle such transactions. This multifaceted application is meticulously designed to streamline the cashier’s workflow, enhance customer satisfaction, and optimize overall operational efficiency within the fast-food ordering process.

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