Food-Bite represents a European food chain project developed on the Laravel framework. It comprises a sophisticated Laravel-based dashboard and an Android application, seamlessly integrated into kiosks strategically placed across diverse restaurant locations nationwide, all benefiting from our services. Customers engage with the system by placing orders through these kiosks within the restaurant premises. The comprehensive development of this project has been meticulously undertaken, from its inception to its current state.

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Key Features of the Dashboard

Admin Control:

  • The admin side empowers administrators to effortlessly create locations and manage their credentials.
  • Full system access is granted to the admin, ensuring comprehensive control.

Sales Analytics:

  • The home dashboard page presents a detailed sales analytics report.
  • Multiple filters enhance analytics capabilities, providing valuable insights (see image gallery).

Menu Settings:

  • Admins and location owners can create food categories and products.
  • Add-ons and drinks categories can be managed separately.
  • Customization extends to creating and organizing multiple add-ons and drinks under each category.
  • Flexibility to mark categories, products, add-ons, and drinks as “Sold-Out” based on various criteria.

Item Management:

  • Dynamic functionality allows the rearrangement of items (categories, products, add-ons, drinks).
  • Position changes on the admin side reflect in the kiosk application, maintaining order consistency.

Editing and Visibility Control:

  • Users can edit existing items, create duplicates, or delete any item.
  • Control over when to display or hide items in the application, with backend dashboard management.

Mode Options:

  • Versatile modes like Serve Eat Table Status, Food Court Module, Dine In, and Take Away.
  • Dashboard toggles seamlessly synchronize with the application, adapting to selected modes.

Reports Section:

  • A dedicated reports section for X-Report, Z-Report, and Day-Close Report generation.
  • Multiple filters enhance reporting capabilities, facilitating detailed insights (see image gallery).

Cash Register Management:

  • Users can create single or multiple cash registers for streamlined transactions.

VAT and Taxation System:

  • Comprehensive implementation of a VAT system and taxation system with integrated bookkeeping.

Printer Settings:

  • Efficient management of printer settings for both kiosk device and kitchen printers, ensuring seamless order communication.

Application Preview:

  • The dashboard provides a complete preview of the application, offering owners a glimpse into its appearance and operational flow.

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