Food-Bite revolutionizes the dining experience with its unique kiosk application, seamlessly integrated into restaurant locations across the country. At the heart of this innovation is an intuitive Android application, housed within strategically positioned kiosks. Customers visiting these restaurants can take charge of their dining journey by using the self-service kiosk to effortlessly browse menus and place orders with a few taps. This user-friendly interface not only streamlines the ordering process but also empowers patrons to customize their selections, providing a tailored and efficient service. The Food-Bite kiosk application epitomizes a fusion of technology and convenience, creating a dynamic and interactive platform that enhances customer engagement and satisfaction in the vibrant landscape of the food service industry.

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Key Features of the Applications

The application unfolds with a series of key features designed for a seamless user experience:

Location-specific Credentials:

  • Each location boasts its own set of credentials, providing owners exclusive access to both the dashboard and the application.

Dynamic Modes:

  • Owners can choose between dine-in, take-away, or a combination of both modes, tailoring the application to the specific needs of their establishment.

Streamlined Login Flow:

  • Upon successful login, the application becomes readily accessible to customers, presenting a user-friendly interface.

Category Display:

  • A dedicated screen showcases all categories, dynamically generated from the backend, enhancing the overall organization.

Deals Section:

  • Owners can create and manage exclusive deals, featured in a dedicated section for customer exploration and selection.

Product Navigation:

  • Categories lead to relevant products, providing a seamless transition for customers navigating through the application.

Addons and Drinks:

  • Clicking on a product reveals an addons and drinks section, allowing users to personalize their order with optional extras.

Compulsory Addons:

  • Owners have the flexibility to set certain addons or drinks as mandatory, enhancing product bundling based on customer preferences.

Order Customization:

  • Customers can effortlessly add multiple products, explore exclusive deals, and include addons in their order, creating a personalized dining experience.

Order Summary:

  • The “Order Summary” section enables customers to review and confirm their selections before finalizing their order.

Cart Management:

  • The cart screen provides a comprehensive overview of selected items, affording customers the option to add or remove items as desired.

Verifone Payment Integration:

  • For secure and convenient transactions, the application integrates Verifone-based payment methods, leveraging MasterCard services for seamless bill payments.

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